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But I also had a nickname, Fluffy, because people said that my mind was like a steel trap so no one could accuse me of being a bit of fluff.
Amber Valletta and Billy Ray Cyrus also star in this undemanding bit of fluff.
Kneale's book is a fun little bit of fluff with a few good ideas and a useful bibliography, but it does not present a remedy to the public's often incorrect perception of librarians.
Littlebit is a brown and tan sharp-eyed bit of fluff. Her descriptive title is Pomeranian but that gives little information as to the true character of this dog.
And in between every bit of fluff stuffed, their creators also grow closer together.
This bit of fluff is a quick read and has a satisfying romantic ending.
During the Golden Horns episode, trumpeter Clark Terry (an elder statesman on the horn), winds up performing his most commercially-viable piece, Mumbles, a mock-scat vocal tune that is an inconsequential bit of fluff. He barely plays any trumpet on it at all!
A harmless bit of fluff unless like me you get bored with songs you've never heard before.
"I'm actually interested in what a bit of fluff and a bit of twig put in a particular order can mean," says Rebecca.
MANCHILD (BBC2, 10pm) BOYS, it seems, will always be boys, so that's why there's another series of this fun bit of fluff about men enjoying their advancing years.
It's a bit of fluff. It seems to be unimportant in the context of the programme on corruption in horseracing.
Barbara Karinska, perceptive interpreter of Balanchine's inner life, translated choreography into costume when she designed a mere lightly boned corset with a tiny bit of fluff in the tutu area for this dewy creature.