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It needs to democratize itself, and it needs to align itself with the real democratic forces in society, instead of simply playing a bit part in the election campaigns of morally bankrupt politicians in the Democratic Party.
She still has not grasped that she was part of a TV soap just a bit part actor playing the role chosen for her by the producers.
The family were preparing to pack up and return home when he was offered a bit part in TV drama Grey's Anatomy.
Lindsay Lohan has a bit part but fails to outshine any of the regular stars.
'I don't want to just come back to be a bit part player and sit on the bench.
Savage has been at loggerheads with Wales manager John Toshack but failed to impress him playing just a bit part before he was substituted.
Student O'Malley has been a bit part player in the championship, but boss John Maughan is just waiting for the talented forward to explode this summer.