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It is possible that recent changes in supervisory staff have resulted in a looser supervision of canine handlers with a resulting increase in bites,'' Bobb wrote.
The appropriate form of local wound care of brown recluse spider bites has evolved in recent years, and it now includes the application of cool compresses rather than heat.
He wrapped the gadget with squid to lure the horn sharks in his lab to bite.
Cheesy Bites Pizza was such a huge hit last year with customers of all ages, so we wanted to give everyone another chance to enjoy the pullable, poppable fun," said Bill Ogle, Pizza Hut chief marketing officer.
Bites to children make up 50 percent of dog-bite cases.
According to the Kibbles 'n Bits Brushing Bites survey recently conducted by Harris Interactive(R):
Liability claims in California for dog bites have increased $20 million in the past four years, with the fastest rising costs for insurance companies stemming from jury awards for dog bites, officials said.
As we help take green mainstream, it's more important than ever to inform consumers about the environmental and socially conscious efforts of these truly committed companies," said Ideal Bite Co-Founder Heather Stephenson.
Long John Silver's Buttered Lobster Bites will be available for a limited time.
The scene opens in a Pizza Hut restaurant with a teen-age boy having dinner with his family and placing an order for the new Cheesy Bites Pizza.
Delivering a full pizza plus bite-sized fun all-in-one, the new Cheesy Bites Pizza is designed to give customers the experience of pulling and popping the cheese-filled bites before digging into the pizza slices surrounded by the ring of cheese bites.
The bites created by the ICR can even be grouped into "panels" for easier one click access to related information at once.