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Taste: Juniper, followed by sweetness, with light coriander spice and a nod of bitter almonds.
In some countries, the bitter almond is ground and used sparingly as a spice.
95) a blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella, is fresh and aromatic, with cherry and bitter almond flavours.
The Home Office warned it could resemble the bitter almond smell associated with deadly cyanide gas.
But this example does hint at the bitter almond finish that characterises single-vineyard wines, and they are pure class.
But the wine reveals a bitter almond grip and turns more earthy towards the end.
Cabana has medium acidity with bitter almond notes at the finish, which are relatively short and quiet.
Bitter Almond Gratin and Black Cherry Compote (Serves 4)
It tastes of candied orange, stewed dark fruits with a touch of bitter almond on the palate.
Lean and reserved with notes of bitter almond and some sweet astringency.
Bitter almond, caraway and sambac jasmine make for a heady brew.