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Ingestion of apricot kernels or bitter almonds, either alone or in addition to pure amygdalin is thought (Sauer et al.
The bitter almond is slightly broader and shorter than the sweet almond and contains about 50% of the fixed oil that occurs in sweet almonds.
Sweet and bitter almonds were also used for medicinal purposes in ancient Persia.
For me, the hit of gooey sweetness, wrapped up with bitter almond, followed by tang of jam and the soft, slightly greasy, flaky pastry, means hot summers of teenage years.
But the wine reveals a bitter almond grip and turns more earthy towards the end.
Cabana has medium acidity with bitter almond notes at the finish, which are relatively short and quiet.
Enchantment perfumed candle pounds 36, 0845 688 3343 Part of the Midnight Rendez-Vous range, this scented candle is perfumed with iris, myrrh and exotic bitter almond, and packaged in a finely sculpted jar featuring hearts, leaves and golden violets.
95), a grapey and savoury confection of sparkling cherry fruit, with a bitter almond edge.
But this example does hint at the bitter almond finish that characterises single-vineyard wines, and they are pure class.
Bitter Almond Gratin and Black Cherry Compote (Serves 4)
It tastes of candied orange, stewed dark fruits with a touch of bitter almond on the palate.