bitter animosity

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
He had notoriously threatened the lost young man, and had, according to the showing of his own faithful friend and tutor who strove so hard for him, a cause of bitter animosity (created by himself, and stated by himself), against that ill-starred fellow.
That Mr Chester, between whom and Mr Haredale, it was notorious to all the neighbourhood, a deep and bitter animosity existed, should come down there for the sole purpose, as it seemed, of seeing him, and should choose the Maypole for their place of meeting, and should send to him express, were stumbling blocks John could not overcome.
That's about to become clear as the Obama administration and the communist government of Raul Castro move to normalize more than a half-century of bitter animosity between the United States and Cuba.
The bitter animosity between India and Pakistan has failed to subside despite several peace initiatives and confidence building measures.
After three presidential debates, we now know there's a deep rift amongst top-ranking officials, even those close to the Supreme Leader, on major policy issues, a rift that hints at a bitter animosity.
The bitter animosity between the countries will be played out tonight in the Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb, the spiritual home of Croatian independence, in the glare of the watching world.
Three failed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the war on terror; 6500 Americans dead for oil-related and Israeli calculations and 40 thousand injured or with disabilities; trillions of dollars in debt and a stifling economic crisis; and bitter animosity with Arab and Muslim peoples, if not with their rulers.
The meeting, which surprised observers given the bitter animosity that characterized relations between the two parties, was followed by remarks in which Kiir announced that Akol would soon be seen in South Sudan's capital Juba to rejoin the domestic political arena in the newly independent country on the ticket of his party.
9, 1976, in which Jadot told the bishops what their agenda should be for the sake of the church in the United States, the apostolic delegate became the target of bitter animosity from conservative bishops and laypeople.
Undoubtedly the most interesting story, personally and politically, of the Chretien years was his relationship with his finance minister, Paul Martin--interesting for both the success of the relationship in restoring Canada to fiscal good health and the bitter animosity that envenomed every stage of their relationship.
It is still not certain whether these acts were the work of Sunnis who do not want the majority Shiites to have power, or international terrorist elements set on fanning already bitter animosity between the two groups.
But the story behind the headlines is one of bitter animosity between the council and Merseytravel, a situation exacerbated by apparent personal tensions between their chief executives, David Henshaw and Neil Scales.