bitter enemy

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One for broken nerves.' I asked her what I had done to make such a bitter enemy of her.
After a moment's pause on the threshold, peering towards the window with her near-sighted scowl, as if frowning down some bitter enemy, she suddenly projected herself into the shop.
Of Simonov's two visitors, one was Ferfitchkin, a Russianised German --a little fellow with the face of a monkey, a blockhead who was always deriding everyone, a very bitter enemy of mine from our days in the lower forms--a vulgar, impudent, swaggering fellow, who affected a most sensitive feeling of personal honour, though, of course, he was a wretched little coward at heart.
"COTTON MATHER," continued Grandfather," was a bitter enemy to Governor Dudley; and nobody exulted more than he when that crafty politician was removed from the government, and succeeded by Colonel Shute.
M'aimes-tu, petit?' To this keen question I replied as keenly, 'The Russian heart can recognize a great man even in the bitter enemy of his country.' At least, I don't remember the exact words, you know, but the idea was as I say.
Lady Lundie is a bitter enemy. The servants are threatened with the loss of their places if any one of them goes near Anne.
People of neither nation considered the other as a bitter enemy.
The PUK responded to statements made by the Turkish foreign minister two days ago, accusing the PUK of supporting and assisting the PKK, which Ankara considers a bitter enemy. "The PUK believes that the Kurdish problem must be addressed through peace and harmony," said Saadi Ahmed Bireh, spokesman for the PUK in a press statement adding that PUK does not want to waste any drop of blood for the people of the Kurds or Turks and any of the Turkish components, "calling on Turkey to review its position./ End
The friends must overcome long-held resentments, accept the help of those they cannot trust, and face their darkest fears before they can confront the kucedra, who has bound itself to their bitter enemy and stolen their dearest friend.
After nearly six years of bloody conflict, World War II was over, and a bitter enemy - Nazi Germany - had been vanquished.
"Never cross a Santagelo" is a mantra for a reason--but an unknown, bitter enemy is determined to be their ruin.
The Germany Under-21 star claims to know nothing about that interest, but he does know all about the rivalry with the bitter enemy from the other end of the East Lancs Road.