bitter words

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On forbidding them to take photographs, exchange of bitter words occurred between both parties and after that accused attacked Khurram Dastagir.
She had pushed Kushal thrice and bitter words were exchanged.
Commissioner Majak said he "was surprised by unsubstantiated news reported by Sudan Tribune against my office on 9th October, 2013 by colliding me with the governor on baseless ground of having exchange bitter words, which is a total lie.
Instead, he used bitter words, comparing protesters to looters and ordering officials to hunt down social media users.
Come on now let's be honest and I'm sure s that you'll agree Like me there's been some stormy times when you've ploughed an angry sea We'd truly like to track back in the roughest of those wakes And try to slip the cable on our more miserable mistakes But I'm afraid they're done and dusted with no chance for late aborts So let's be more realistic and just ditch those wishful thoughts We're not the only ones regretful who rue past bitter words So roll on our tomorrows, they're untouched, (well so I've heard)
As far as the use of language is concerned, we expect them (Hazare and his aides) to not use very strong and bitter words (against parliamentarians) while raising the issue of Ombudsman Bill.
The auditor-general yesterday found herself on the receiving end of some bitter words.
Bitter words were exchanged, and it was more of a political boxing match.
Bitter words were exchanged over the closure of the school but Caerphilly council said it was inevitable because of falling pupil numbers.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who should shake her head in amazement at Ruth Thompson's bitter words about marriage.
On the other hand, is it really such a good omen to begin married life in a building where there have been so many bitter words, rows, plots and allegations over the years?
But he was all flailing arms and bitter words later when Danny Murphy -on for the sacrificial Vladimir Smicer -curved a free kick into the net via a culpable PaulRobinson, and Jeff Winter of discontent allowed three off side Liverpool players to escape the sanction of the linesman's flag.