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She came back from the north harder and bitterer than ever.
His older childhood, too; the strange imaginings he had; his terror of certain senseless things--familiar objects he endowed with life; the slow and gradual breaking out of that one horror, in which, before his birth, his darkened intellect began; how, in the midst of all, she had found some hope and comfort in his being unlike another child, and had gone on almost believing in the slow development of his mind until he grew a man, and then his childhood was complete and lasting; one after another, all these old thoughts sprung up within her, strong after their long slumber and bitterer than ever.
Roach, whose relationship with Ariza becomes much bitterer ever since the conditioning coach's breakup with Manny Pacquiao's camp, told Fight Hype that he's a little bit suspicious about Ariza's works, calling him a little bit shady.
The theoretical concept of student unionism seems fascinating to any true supporter of democracy but its real picture is far bitterer as its supporters advocate on the basis of allowing the students the freedom of expression.
A sweet tooth is something to watch out for until then, and takes on something that has the potential to be a little bitterer as money moves front and centre.
But such memories will be bitterer this year as their Paramount Chief Kuol Deng has been assassinated not by any other person but by Bashir.
Predicts 2013: Information Innovation," Published: 14 December 2012 Analyst (s): Douglas Laney, Andreas Bitterer, Rita L.
in the bowl distill a word most bitter, marah, a word bitterer still, mar, Now polish the crucible and set the jet of flame under, til marah-mar are melted, fuse and join and change and alter, mer, mere, m6re, mater, Maia, Mary, .
In a speech at the founding ceremony, Adler pronounced: "There have been no direr wars than religious wars, no bitterer hates than religious hates, no fiendish cruelty like religious cruelty .
They could also be at odds with the government and the political atmosphere could be bitterer than what had been seen over the last five years.
Nevertheless, it is important that she understand that there is a fight for the heart and soul of public education, and that the dialogue around this tussle will get bitterer before it gets better.
Her daughter and son-in-law appeared to bring to the task of keeping America out of the war an animus against their opponents far bitterer than seemed required.