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HOPES of much-needed cash to rebuild Sandwell schools endured the bitterest of blows when Education Secretary Michael Gove initially gave them the green light - but later declared he had made a mistake.
In a briefing, "The Bitterest of Agonies: End enforced disappearances in Pakistan," published on the International Day of the Disappeared, the AI highlighted the plight of hundreds of people who have been arbitrarily detained and held in secret facilities in Pakistan since late 2001, when the country became a key ally in the US-led "war on terror".
At a time when many of them are struggling to cope with one of the bitterest early winters on record, it is unfortunate that npower has felt it necessary to make this decision now.
I have fully tasted the bitterest of the bitterest.
He returned to England with Newcastle a year later but then joined Liverpool s bitterest rivals United on a free transfer in the summer.
Granted, it's entirely our own fault that we're now facing our bitterest of enemies off the back of what can at best be described as indifferent form.
Robinson comes across as precisely the sort of believer who ought to become a priest or bishop: conscientious, selfless, deeply empathetic, theologically orthodox (in terms of the basics of the faith), and capable of reaching out to even the bitterest enemies.
As such, their bitterest enemies are Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, but they're less than keen on anyone who adheres to a different interpretation of the Koran.
The war in Algeria, for instance, was among the bitterest chapters in French history.
Moreover, last week's rechristening came as one of Eisner's bitterest corporate adversaries.
In a lasting peace that has been your greatest legacy, America confirmed the power of freedom to transform the bitterest enemies into the closest of friends,'' he said.