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TEHRAN (FNA)- Most people probably think that we perceive the five basic tastes -- sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (savory)--with our tongue, which then sends signals to our brain 'telling' us what we've tasted.
Fueled largely by the hard liquor and artisanal cocktail booms, bitters -- those astringent, potent flavor enhancers added by the drop to cocktails -- have become a big business.
There's the barman at a Prohibition speakeasy easing the passage of bad booze across jaded palettes with the help of a sugar cube soaked on Angostura bitters yarn.
Their flagship beer, Llangollen Bitter, will be launched at the town's popular Food and Drink Festival which is being held on Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17.
The rebirth of cocktail culture has brought many welcome additions to the world's bar scene; the presence of a panoply of bitters being certainly one of the most important.
When you don't want to tell somebody something, you say, 'Go ask Angostura what they put in the bitters, and when they tell you that, I'll tell you.
ALL VARIETIES OF BITTERS FALL INTO one of three categories.
It is a testament to the fortitude and vision of the Bitters and the creativity of Time Equities, the purchaser, that allowed for this win-win transaction", said Decio Baio, the consummating broker.
Deuchar's IPA, from the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, set the pace last year and was awarded a bronze medal this time around in the Bitters category behind Bitter And Twisted and Daleside Bitter from Harrogate.
Bitters are an excellent digestive stimulant, but if used over a longer period of time, they need to be combined with some warming aromatic herbs.
WHEN cocktails on the terrace are the order of the summer evening, sip a sundowner made with Angostura aromatic bitters.