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Bitty Jack's ugly physical appearance is linked to her lower socioeconomic status; she would certainly not choose it, if she could.
Kerala police had maintained that Bitty had changed his identity and had secured a bank job with the false identity of 'Raghav Rajan'.
The game became a bitty encounter after the start, but Barry Corr had two chances in a minute to get the home side back into it.
Dick's explanation and detailed photos make it easy to visualize the interaction of all those little bitty parts and surfaces.
When lit, the itty bitty bulb can be seen with the unaided eye as a point of light, BBC reported.
It does get out of hand when you get an eight year old saying bitty, bitty
All you have to do is wear a wee bitty tartan on the day and get involved in one of the many fund-raising events that will be taking place.
These days her made-to-order designs--from itty bitty bikinis to floor-sweeping gowns--have reached a certain cult status in Kingston and beyond.
It may not be the best Bible study resource or an easy book to read while commuting to work, but the Itty Bitty Bible (AmazingFaith.
A THE show has been running since 2002 and for the first three seasons Monk (Tony Shalhoub) was assisted by Sharona Fleming, played by Bitty Schram.
Twenty-first century technological advances make it possible to carry the ancient scriptures everywhere you go with the $10 Itty Bitty Bible
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