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35 tons of bitumen have been transported while the vessel's utilization was 94%.
Woqod is currently supplying bitumen to the local market through two owned ships 'Sidra Al Wajba' and 'Sidra Mesaieed'.
The company will also upgrade the plant to manufacture Bitumen products that adhere to new specifications laid down by Indian Roads Congress.
Gulf Petrochem will begin to manufacture 30,000MT per annum of bitumen specialty products that includes bitumen emulsions, micro-surfacing emulsions, crumb rubber modified bitumen, polymer modified bitumen and various other cold mix road construction products.
Gulf Petrochem will subsequently sell all grades of bitumen and bitumen Specialty products via the company's trading desks in the Middle East, Europe, Singapore and India.
for binders--characteristics of softening point, and for RBV (optional)--temperature of bitumen normal performance in the hot period by the "Superpave" procedure on Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR), in the controlled-voltage mode.
Demand for bitumen fell in previous years, largely because construction projects were postponed due to the economic crisis.
The purchase is carried out by the bitumen contractors at the expense of the Republican Road Fund under the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.
The changes in the composition of bitumen under influence of the microwave field was evaluated by means of infrared spectroscopy (Barbara, H.
The company, which this year marks two decades of service to the construction and industrial sector, focuses on the manufacture of all types of waterproofing membranes, oxidised bitumen, road bitumen, emulsion bitumen and bituminous paints.
Our plant can almost completely cover the country's needs for bitumen.