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Bivariate analysis was used to determine the statistical significance of the variables.
The aetiology of ESRF appeared to have positive correlation with CVD where diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive nephrosclerosis has the worst outcome as shown in the bivariate analysis.
When we add the potentially endogenous variables (dsf, cbsch, and tba) to Models 2-5, positive and significant correlations are derived; this accords with the results of the bivariate analysis.
Table 2 shows the association of complications between diabetic and non diabetic patients undergoing CABG in a bivariate analysis.
Bivariate analysis of factors associated with physical deformities (Grade 2) of leprosy at diagnosis, Tocantins, Brazil, 2001-2012 Physical disability (grade 2) Rate Variable N total N % ratio Gender Female 4,361 174 3.
Bivariate analysis found no statistically significant correlation with any cervical risk factor.
Bivariate analysis was employed to examine relationships of independent variables and contraceptive use.
In bivariate analysis there was a significant relationship between occurrence of ROP and RDS (P=0.
Children's bivariate analysis of Taste of Asia data