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Following the report of the bizarre temple ritual, local authorities stepped in and issued orders that the girls must be allowed to cover their bodies.
We ask people to think about what the costume means Lorna Wakefield, Lili Bizarre manager
Something kind of bizarre happens that triggers a series of events that are [also] bizarre, but very dramatic," he told ET.
The bizarre brainstormers have been revealed after the hotel chain probed its staff on their most unusual requests.
45 am with the Bizarre Bazr competition in which students prepared puzzles and quizzes on economics and mathematics using playing cards and charts.
But the singer has now been slammed by historical organisations for his bizarre remark.
Maybe it sounds bizarre but I feel we were weaker defensively last year, even if this season we have conceded more goals," he insisted.
IT's getting hot in the city this month with a weekly theme night at the Bizarre Lounge, in the Kempinski Ixir Hotel, Bahrain City Centre.
Remember the bizarre case of the former Sons Of Anarchy actor who is accused of murder, then died himself.
Experts say that consuming bizarre food is okay when done in small quantities.