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The earlier ones are more conspicuously structured, however bizarrely.
Bizarrely, Greenspan's written candor was not matched by his FOMC colleagues, who continued to maintain that there was no record.
This month's edition of Salt Lake magazine, SLUG, ran an in-depth interview with Jared Gold, giving readers a look into the designer's bizarrely creative mind.
Bizarrely, despite their riches, no United players bid on any of the auction lots up for grabs.
Harry breaks into a sweat but bizarrely the sweat patch on his jumper shrinks during the scene.
The former reads Camus while driving at 200 miles per hour, while our man can riff for five minutes saying the most bizarrely argumentative grace that's ever preceded a fast-food feast.
Bizarrely archaic, yet a prepension unpaid voluntary tasker must pay more than pounds 7 Class 3 contributions per week, while income is nil.
BIZARRELY, defeat appears to have opened the door for Courtney Fry who is now being touted for a shot at the Masters title at light-heavyweight.
Starks was a very difficult part to cast because, bizarrely, it's the most underwritten, in a way," says Arnott, who lives in London.
David O Russell's comedy is bewildering, obtuse and impenetrable, but bizarrely enjoyable (Warwick Arts Centre).
A big screen clock bizarrely counted down the 30 minutes before the band arrived on stage.
Then, bizarrely, you plunge into a case study of the restoration and maintenance of Cologne Cathedral, only to return to the book's central theme with short chapters on reconstructed stone and brick.