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His privileged background was bizarrely seen to be the reason why he couldn't fight beyond Wimbledon semis.
Meanwhile, Fiddy has blasted Kanye West, bizarrely claiming credit for his rival's success.
But not impossible: Martin Short's hilarious and bizarrely fey Jiminy Glick character has been mangling celebrity interviews on Comedy Central's Primetime Glick and now finally makes the leap to the big screen in the brilliant new movie Jiminy Glick in Lalawood.
Most bizarrely, Polar Red was the next shortest in running behind the winner and Clan Royal.
But first you try altering the text size and, bizarrely, only the site's email address grows in size--but only when using the browser Mozilla Firefox.
If it wasn't for the bizarrely named Wynkyn de Worde, the name of Fleet Street might never have gained such prominence.
Bizarrely, however, maker Attain thinks it'll prove more useful for nurses, "clean room" engineers and the like who can't actually help their keyboards getting all messed up in the course of the working day and, anyway, can always blame someone else.
The earlier ones are more conspicuously structured, however bizarrely.
Bizarrely, Greenspan's written candor was not matched by his FOMC colleagues, who continued to maintain that there was no record.
Bizarrely, despite their riches, no United players bid on any of the auction lots up for grabs.