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The ever-innovative and economical-minded livestock owners were creative in their homemade inventions of calf blabs.
When someone you follow uses Blabbelon's new Twitter functionality, it will take only one click for you to join them in their blab and start up a live conversation.
Blab leaders can be assigned dominant push-to-talk capabilities- allowing features such as better management of unruly users and ensuring that sessions run smoothly without forcing session members to mute offending parties.
If I clinched the job, I could stand with a glass against the wall, find out all the country's outrageous state secrets then blab them down the pub.
According to Merriam-Webster's more relaxed definition, it means to betray, inform, accuse or blab.
Snowball appreciates the need to deliver high-quality entertainment to Generation i," explained Commisso, "and our Blab.
She hot-footed it to blab to the girl's mother, who is so misguided a Christian that she slung her child out of the family home for her "sin".
for the fifth time to play a game and put up a bombastic performance - 31 points, eight rebounds and four assists - the Lakers are experienced enough not to blab their mouths and say the series, and NBA championship, have already been decided.
I think Mom owns a cosmetics company or something like that, but whatever the case, the place is really nice-killer view, nice swim pool, bling bling blab blah.
Jurors were told that on May 31 - two days after they were arrested - the pair were being driven to Derby magistrates court when Mick, 56, told Mairead, 31, they would "walk through" the court case "unless you want me to blab about it".