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About Blab Blab is a pioneer in the category of Predictive Social Intelligence[sup.
Applying patented predictive algorithms, Blab organizes billions of conversations across conversation clusters to predict peaks and valleys in future conversations within 24, 48 and 72 hour windows.
When someone you follow uses Blabbelon's new Twitter functionality, it will take only one click for you to join them in their blab and start up a live conversation.
We are thrilled to add InFocus and Blab to our growing roster of clients," said Kerry McClenahan, CEO at McBru.
She hot-footed it to blab to the girl's mother, who is so misguided a Christian that she slung her child out of the family home for her "sin".
Chats are run through a Web browser with no complicated start-up procedures and no software downloads, allowing other applications to run simultaneously while the Blab runs in the background.
Luckily for Cha stopped in his tra they hear Aaron's through the Howeve finished w terrified t to blab, a call t contac instruc off the Mea poor A his nas running scared However, Robert's not finished with Chas.
If he does blab, you could claim he's doing it because you knocked him back.
There are few things I'm certain of (death, taxes, blah blab blah), but one thing's for sure: There are only two ends to every relationship--getting married or breaking up.
Most artists make their statements in interviews, or when they go blab on panels or in art schools, or when they write their press releases.
Snowball appreciates the need to deliver high-quality entertainment to Generation i," explained Commisso, "and our Blab.
Jurors were told that on May 31 - two days after they were arrested - the pair were being driven to Derby magistrates court when Mick, 56, told Mairead, 31, they would "walk through" the court case "unless you want me to blab about it".