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The ever-innovative and economical-minded livestock owners were creative in their homemade inventions of calf blabs.
If I clinched the job, I could stand with a glass against the wall, find out all the country's outrageous state secrets then blab them down the pub.
According to Merriam-Webster's more relaxed definition, it means to betray, inform, accuse or blab.
She hot-footed it to blab to the girl's mother, who is so misguided a Christian that she slung her child out of the family home for her "sin".
for the fifth time to play a game and put up a bombastic performance - 31 points, eight rebounds and four assists - the Lakers are experienced enough not to blab their mouths and say the series, and NBA championship, have already been decided.
I think Mom owns a cosmetics company or something like that, but whatever the case, the place is really nice-killer view, nice swim pool, bling bling blab blah.
Jurors were told that on May 31 - two days after they were arrested - the pair were being driven to Derby magistrates court when Mick, 56, told Mairead, 31, they would "walk through" the court case "unless you want me to blab about it".