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Until we see the facts, everything else is just blabber.
Here's the beauty of that approach: The caller, being a brainless non-person, has no way of heeding the warning, so it just goes on with the blabber.
com)-- Digital Media Stream, a mobile application development company, is pleased to announce the launch of Blabber App.
There is a lot of blabber about the partnership of the two countries.
He said that every time Israel commits a crime on the international scene, Arabs do "nothing but blabber bravely about how they completely reject it.
But no - we blabber and we blog, we text and we twitter as though we are sitting in a room with a couple of trusted pals having a good old gossip that will go no further.
I can see that being quite a personal question for him and, while I know a lot of boys who would just blabber stuff out, I don't think he will.
The talking heads blabber at length about how American's are getting more "fearful" about the prospects of our economy according to yet another survey, or we hear some financial expert warn the day may soon arrive when ATMs will run out of money.
I blabber too much and I was worried I'd get in lots of trouble.
True Kelly's THE BLABBER REPORT (9780625478096, $15.
Ekroth refers to this trend as blabber mouthing, and notes that those on the receiving end often tune out in frustration.