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The show is a breather for television viewers as he does not resort to blabbering for increased ratings.
Now what passes for TV is slew of non-celebs powdering their pampered noses or a camera following a bunch of pretentious prigs blabbering about Botox.
Every dark secret entrusted to Burt - some from hardened criminals - came out of his blabbering mouth thanks to that wine, and he was promptly arrested by the inspector.
It would be easy to go on, and on, about how that voice knocks me into orbit every time I hear it - it sends me out into the street in a daze, approaching strangers and blabbering incomprehensibly.
Before saying a word, we should think twice and see how to better use our mouths, and stop blabbering unnecessarily," said Shaikh Esam
BLABBERING Bubba Watson lost it in France yesterday after spectacularly missing the cut.
We're taught to be the change we want to see in the world and we're blabbering about reform when we're not reformed ourselves.
It all reminds me of Shimon Peres' blabbering in the 1950s about the "joint values" that bound France to Israel.
Blabbering uselessly and interrupting the interviewer creates a bad impression
But let's start with what this archetype-stereotype blabbering is all about.
The Bulgarian economy is recovering from the crisis, regardless of what the previous incompetent cabinet members are blabbering about," Djankov pointed out.
Everyone would be chattering and blabbering away while no one listened to anyone else.