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David Platt berates |his sister Sarah for blabbing to Billy
"Stop blabbing, already," he reportedly told the officials.
There is no basis for one." Wonder how she feels about Lindsay blabbing to US mags about the split..
It's bad enough that Chelsea star Ashley Cole is a love rat, but it's even worse that he allegedly got his associates to pay off his women to stop them blabbing to the Press.
A fast road to Cardiff might enable Assembly members to get blabbing a bit sooner, but that's about all.
IT'S no secret - thanks to his blabbing on Jonathan Ross's chat show - that movie man Quentin Tarantino got a little squeezy with Tony's missus Cherie Blair on his trip to Liverpool.
Donna is forced to tell Marlon about Jamie and Louise's affair, and Viv overhears (why doesn't anyone in soapland check who's listening before blabbing?).
Blabbing compromises truthful, accurate, and objective reporting.
Get the janitor (hall Bub) to grab the new bulb (ball bit), haul it up the ladder while blabbing to you about what he's doing, open (lib) the bulb protector (bug-halt), put the bulb into the female socket (bulb gal), bag the burnt out bulb, come down and send a bill to the hall (hut) management."
Those of us who are lousy thumb typists will not be able to stop blabbing. Samsung has a model (SGHP207) marketed by Cingular Wireless.
Jude Law, sometime squeeze of female style icon Sienna Miller, has apparently been blabbing about his Welsh roots to ex-wife Sadie Frost.
A more obvious deterrent to blabbing on the Net is the legal issue: Anything you type can be used against you, especially if the SEC gets its hands on it.