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David Platt berates |his sister Sarah for blabbing to Billy
A more obvious deterrent to blabbing on the Net is the legal issue: Anything you type can be used against you, especially if the SEC gets its hands on it.
Why do our politicians keep blabbing about the importance of sports, health, exercise, clean living, and sportsmanship, but every time a school budget has to be cut, they will immediately start slashing the physical education and sports components?
I'm just kind of blabbing and gradually I get to the point where the blabbing makes sense"; or "I took one acting class and one theory class and that was it.
John doesn't want to jinx the relationship by talking about it, but he's not bothered by Joan's blabbing.
Meanwhile David's furious when he realizes Sarah's been blabbing to Billy and tells his sister she needs to get on a plane pronto and head back to Milan before more deadly secrets come spilling out.
Snakebite said: "I've been blabbing my mouth off about the Matchplay being the one.
Her big gob is the source of fresh trauma for poor Gillian this week when she accidentally blabs something that she's got no business blabbing.
I've been going around blabbing that out for hours now," he stated.