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Spin measurements provide a new view of the Alice-in-Wonderland world of twisted space and warped time near a black hole.
She wanted to make the work of Black women writers that she admired "visual and accessible" to those who might not otherwise encounter, say, Ntozake Shange.
The black teens in Long Beach don't fit the standard profile of racial hate purveyors.
The black press, especially the magazines of Jack Johnson, was most adamant in insisting that cross-racial intimacy should be celebrated and should be recognized as proof of improving race relations.
After he was quickly convicted and sent to jail for the shooting, supporters launched the famous "Free Huey" movement, which brought even greater attention to the Black Panthers.
The idea was to see how far we have come, how far we have to go, what our accomplishments have been," Black said.
First, in order to grow black-owned companies of significant scale, black entrepreneurs must continue to find ways to secure the nation's largest corporations as customers, investors, and strategic partners.
Ripley and Pleasantville as films that appropriate an African American tradition for use by whites without making black characters a part of the story.
11) Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the ABB was its philosophy of incorporating both black nationalism and Marxism which is encapsulated in Briggs' editorial "The Salvation of the Negro" (April 1921).
In Selma, the voter registration office was open only two days a month, and officials moved at a snail's pace, registering about 150 black voters a year.
Put simply, white and black children with similar personal and family background characteristics achieved similar test scores (see Figure 1).
Attendees of Carbon Black World 2004 will receive a complete briefing on market trends by region and sector, new technologies, international regulatory issues and technical trends in major end-use markets such as tires, industrial rubbers and others.