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The first is that the object absorbs and emits some fraction of all frequencies of radiation; this situation may be further subdivided into the special case where the object is itself a black body such as Planck's particle of carbon which is a perfect absorber and emitter at all frequencies; and the general case where the object only absorbs and emits some fraction above zero but less than unity of every frequency.
The right cavity shows that the black body has a higher thermal radiation than its surroundings.
The Black Body in Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography makes an important contribution, and is essential reading for anyone interested in how black women are depicted within hard-core visual pornography.
Two-hundred black body bags lined up on Brighton beach in East Sussex by campaigners highlighting Britain's 'shameful' response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Tom
The black body was seen as invasive, unnatural, or natural to a fault, equated with flora and fauna -- the politics of the world have repeatedly been played out upon the black body.
To understand the death of Garner is to grapple with the dense, complex, and relational ways in which Thanatos (the very personification of death) haunts the Black body within a white supremacist America where white bodies matter.
In terms of the Black body as a site of "pathology," one might say, criminal pathology, Johnson argues that, according to this logic, Trayvon Martin "had to be guilty of something - some previous crime or sin or moral slippage.
In my book Black Bodies, White Gazes, (2) I point to the middle passage as the crucible in terms of which black identity is marked and the black body is ontologically truncated and returned to itself as distorted and monstrous, thus locating the black body within a context of anti-black racism.
That's in addition to a sports-styled exterior which includes piano black body trim, black door mirror covers, a black radiator grille top, smoked headlamps and black 17-inch lightweight alloy wheels.
Africa has to reclaim the black body with all its blackness as the starting point in our plunge into and negotiations with the world.
Embodying Black Experience: Stillness, Critical Memory, and the Black Body.