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collected stories, I also argue that the black market was not just a world of hardship but also one of protest and opportunity, a world driven by conflict and self-interest where sacrifice "for the sake of our nation" (waga kuni no tame ni) seemed as scarce as white rice became in the latter years of the war.
Besides Ukraine, Bulgaria has emerged as the supplier of choice for black market dealers.
Cuban government policies are "successful" only to the extent that they are circumvented by the creativity of the Cuban people, supplemented by the black market, and massively subsidized by remittances from abroad.
Although China and India have supplied some black market CFCs, Brack finds that Russia and its former republics are "a significant source of most of the illegally traded materials.
The nascent black market makes Party members better off.
Recent changes in global carbon black market indicate that most of the carbon black manufacturing units in western world including North America, Europe are being forced to shut down their operations because of the heavy competition they are facing from low cost Asian manufacturers.
Traders told Sudan Tribune that at least three black market dealers have been arrested in the crackdown during the past few days.
Global specialty carbon black market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 6% during 2015 - 2020 on account of increasing demand from end user industries including plastics, printing inks & toners, and paints & coatings.
The global carbon black market is highly competitive and all major companies producing the commodity are focused on diversification and improvement of their product portfolio.
The Egyptian pound was flat at a central bank dollar sale on Wednesday but volatile on the black market as the sudden demand for dollars added to concerns over Egypt's plans to repay a $2.
Reuters -- Egypt's pound strengthened marginally against the dollar at a central bank dollar sale on Monday after weakening at the previous two sessions, and also firmed slightly on the black market.
The black market has been dwindling since the army deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi on July 3 and the subsequent arrival of $5 billion of aid from Gulf Arab states to top up the country's foreign reserves.