black marketeer

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I wondered, though, were these black marketeers in the same mafia-like network as the mysterious Russians who've been infiltrating sites and systems, messing up the International Olympic Committee, in revenge for the Russian team getting banned for profligate drug abuse?
He perhaps would have been alive today had he known that one day the black marketeers in this country would get their 'Acche-din', with "total confidentiality ensured"!
China's great revolutionary writer Lu Xun once wrote of Japan in the l930s that "under a tyrannical government, everyone is a tyrant." (101) It is not much of an exaggeration to say that under Japan's tyrannical wartime economy, everyone was a black marketeer. In the postwar free-for-all that was defeated Japan, the black market itself became an economic tyrant, demanding absolute allegiance of everyone and creating victims and victimizers of all who entered its realm.
Free Men (12A): Story of a WI Algerian black marketeer. ?????
A BLACK marketeer had his curfew hours cut after it was argued they were "imposing on his human rights".
He got the jail's black marketeer Ellis "Red" Redding, played by Morgan Freeman, to obtain it for him.
Martin's older brother, Carlos, is a drug dealer and petty thief for Don Sata, the powerful local black marketeer who stages wrestling matches every Saturday night.
Pansy notices that the eyes of fiance Maury, a black marketeer, are roaming in the direction of his "business" partner Carla.
But greed has taken hold and the big black-out is beginning to look more like a black marketeer's paradise.
"Some unscrupulous owners of bakeries sell part of their daily quota of subsidised flour to the black marketeer in return for hefty gains," Yousuf told Gulf News.
Set in war-ravaged Vienna, it's the thrilling story of murderous black marketeer Harry Lime (Orson Welles).
With no war to fight, Ray makes the monotonous days go quicker by acting as a drug dealer, black marketeer and all-round party provider to his apathetic army pals.