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Some of the best include the Basilica della Salute (Santa Maria della Salute) - which was built after the 1630 black plague as a thank you offering to God.
However, it is also sized for a plumper person, showing that, after curing others, Roch became sick with the Black Plague.
Bob Herbert's Times column reminded us in December 2005 that nearly a third of black men in their 20s have criminal records, and AIDS has become the new black Plague.
Don't ignore the risks of contracting the Black Plague from fleas.
The same era that witnessed the devastation caused by the Black Plague saw as well the arrival of fashion and its trendsetters: the affluent mature male.
According to Wired's Declan McCullagh, in one of these predictions, computer consultant Cory Hamasaki wrote that Y2K will be "bad enough, of course, to qualify as a disaster ranking with the Black Plague, if not the extinction of the dinosaurs.
But being as this is peak oil we're talking about, the most powerful force since the Black Plague, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?
This fantastic, apocalyptic figure amounts to a rhetorical condensation that combines the snow-white Clara and the black plague victim of the previous scene.
While we know the black plague killed millions in European cities in the middle-ages due to non-existent waste disposal, Melosi points out that it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that "experiments in England and the United States demonstrated that there was some relationship between communicable diseases and putrefying waste" (p.
The Black Plague, 1995, in which a waifish blonde with kohl-painted eyes holds a strawberry between her teeth, while in the distant darkness, the windows of a house no bigger than the fruit's crown blaze with a worrisome glow.
At the time of the Black Plague, no one understood "germ" theory or how disease was transmitted.