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He said the black-market value of the currency differed between regions and fluctuated hourly so it was nearly impossible to determine the real value of the pound on any given day.
Tony Hall (D-Ohio), the author of legislation passed by the House in late November that is designed to stop the sale of "conflict diamonds"--gems that pay for African wars--says that there are practical as well as humanitarian reasons to police the black-market trade.
Once steroids became contraband, many athletes bought black-market anabolics that, unbeknownst to them, were spiked or cut with other drugs or intended solely for veterinary use.
legislators' front burner, a new documentary looks at the underbelly of illegal immigration, including the black-market trade in human beings.
While the Cuban peso is still exchanged at an official rate of one to one, the black-market rate was running at 100 to one the week we were in Cuba.