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Trimble believes his firm was blackballed because of his demands, but ACOG officials deny this.
Being blackballed by lenders: For those homeowners hoping to secure a mortgage modification, requesting an audit against their lender can often lead to being blackballed.
1 Neil Robertson thinks Ronnie O'Sullivan has been blackballed by BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
As a result she has been blackballed, and security informed not to let her in under any circumstance.
Worse might yet follow - blackballed at Muirfield, a fate worse than having to buy a round.
Mutalibi added that some parties pressurize the government not to extend the US forces' stay, while other sides try to imply that they are blackballed in the Iraqi decision making.
All last week newspapers, ITV and commercial radio ran the saga about BBC Scrum V presenter, Graham Thomas, being blackballed by the Wales rugby captain, Gareth Thomas.
Snooker champ Matthew Stevens has taken his table to Swansea after being blackballed by members of his hometown club.
For that blind-side, vertebrae-crunching hit he laid on Colorado Avalanche rookie Steve Moore almost a week ago, Vancouver Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi should be led to the gallows, put in the stocks, drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered, rubbed down with an oaken towel, stoned, flogged, lambasted, horsewhipped, blackballed, bowstrung, thwacked, walloped, admonished, castigated, castrated, and, if possible, taken over his father's knee after a stern lecture.
But jealous competitors refused to recognize his work and even blackballed Anderson from the prestigious insider's Gridiron Club.
New York, Mar 7 (ANI): Chris Brown has spoken up about being blackballed by fans and industry peers after being convicted for beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna.