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Whether I want Mr Johnson as my next leader of the country or not I think he should at least be given a fair crack of the whip without his name being blackened.
When the cast iron Is blackened all over, turn the oven off and allow the cast Iron to cool completely Inside the oven.
Pointing to a photograph of her own feet-washing/blackening in the 1940s, Millie explained to me how shocked she was at the combination of products used to blacken her granddaughter:
Blacken on all sides and make sure fish is a bit rare and not cooked through completely.
<![CDATA[ When a Jew who knows better tries to blacken Israel, it causes a special kind of revulsion.
Anna Hazare Saturday denounced as an attempt to "blacken democracy" the incident in which Ramdev's face was smeared with ink and said such attacks will not deter "people's movements".
1 : to make or become dark or black <The storm blackened the sky.>
344), the ancients were exploiting them to blacken hair and probably wool.
England's skies blacken as coal makes the industrial revolution possible.
Also in reaction to the book, a Muslim cleric has offered 20,000 rupees to anyone who can blacken Nasrin's face or lay a garland of shoes around her feet.
The groups offered a reward of $2,201 to anyone who would blacken Rushdie's face.