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Nay, my lords, he is the king, and if he were killed Scragga would reign in his place, and the heart of Scragga is blacker than the heart of Twala his father.
But the streets were becoming blacker and more deserted every moment.
It is founded on the English, but the downstrokes are a little blacker, and more marked.
The latter dismounted, took the leaders by the bridle, and led them over the velvet sward and the mossy grass of a winding alley, at the bottom of which, on this moonless night, the deep shades formed a curtain blacker than ink.
Peering through the gloom, I saw the vague outline of a man, a shade blacker than the blackness of the open door.
Thuvia of Ptarth, gazing toward the east, saw the blacker blot against the blackness of the trees as the craft topped the buttressed garden wall.
In the light of the great fire still burning we could see huge, skulking forms, and in the blacker background countless flaming eyes.
It is also alleged by the Solicitors Regulation Authority that Alan Blacker made, or caused or allowed to be made, statements concerning his academic qualifications which were inaccurate and misleading and made, or caused or allowed to be made, claims as to appointments or accreditations awarded by, or memberships of, organisations which were inaccurate and misleading.
Owners of shops at Blacker Road in Birkby have threatened to withhold their business rates unless the council removes double yellow lines from the adjacent Fern Street.
PRIDE in the former mining village where he was born and bred, and an abiding passion to see it thrive, made Ron Blacker a pillar of the community.
AWYER Alan Blacker has made a formal complaint against a judge who compared him to one of JK Rowling's creations from Harry Potter.
Blacker has also contributed $225 to the rival I-594 campaign.