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May they rot in the blackest corner of hell, Oom Sam and those miserable vermin
An adventuress with a European reputation of the blackest possible colour-- such was the general description of the woman with the deathlike complexion and the glittering eyes.
When he thought he was about opposite the point at which he had descended from the Blue Place of Seven Skulls, he sought and found a doorway leading out onto the river; and then, still in the blackest darkness, he lowered himself into the stream and felt up and down upon the opposite side for the little shelf and the ladder.
So near in our heart, as in our heaven, is the brightest sunshine to the blackest cloud!
The visitor to whom the mysteries of Parisian life were unknown would certainly have learned for the rest of his life not to set foot in these greenrooms at the wrong moment; a woman caught in her matin mysteries would ever after point him out as a man capable of the blackest crimes; or she would talk of his stupidity and indiscretion in a manner to ruin him.
That he should sell justice is the blackest charge that can be brought against a judge.
We must pall the barge all its length in blackest samite.
He was bright, eager, and in excellent spirits,--a mood which in his case alternated with fits of the blackest depression.
He went back in my history and circulated the blackest tales about me.
Newman followed--he would have followed head first, but for the timely assistance of Nicholas--and, taking his hand, led him through a stone passage, profoundly dark, into a back-kitchen or cellar, of the blackest and most pitchy obscurity, where they stopped.
If we imagine, first, that it had been steeped in the blackest ink, and then, when dry, allowed to crawl over a board, freshly painted with the brightest vermilion, so as to colour the soles of its feet and parts of its stomach, a good idea of its appearance will be gained.
It was one of the longest and blackest I have ever seen.