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In a very few moments it was necessary for Elaine to scramble to her feet, pick up her cloth of gold coverlet and pall of blackest samite and gaze blankly at a big crack in the bottom of her barge through which the water was literally pouring.
And yet how many were the examples to justify even the blackest suspicions
An adventuress with a European reputation of the blackest possible colour-- such was the general description of the woman with the deathlike complexion and the glittering eyes.
So near in our heart, as in our heaven, is the brightest sunshine to the blackest cloud!
He was a great Indian fighter, too, and I heard my Aunt Villa say, when I was a little girl, that he had the blackest, brightest eyes, and that the way he looked was like an eagle.
When I received my dismissal, I could see that she took the blackest view possible of the Colonel's motives, and that she was bent on getting the Moonstone out of her daughter's possession at the first opportunity.
With a majority cast of black actors, Black Lightning is probably the blackest superhero show of all time.
When it comes to plumage, some species of birds of paradise are remarkable, featuring the blackest black that nature has to offer.
Speaking in a seminar organized here in connection with Youm-e-Shuda-e-Jammu and Kashmir to pay tributes to martyrs of the Jammu massacre of November 6, 1947, they said the Nov 6 was the blackest day of the history.
They said that the October 27 was the blackest day in the history of Kashmir as on this day the Indian Army had invaded in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir 70 years ago.
Last year, Kapoor purchased the exclusive rights to VantaBlack, the blackest black on earth, making it his and entirely his alone.
Ghandour told the parliament while reviewing his ministry's performance for the past period of the fiscal year, 2016-2017, that relations between Sudan and Egypt should be seen within their geographical and historical backgrounds and that preserving them at the blackest of periods should be in observance of the interests of the peoples of the Nile valley.