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When I began calling myself a scoundrel and a blackguard and my tears flowed (the tirade was accompanied throughout by tears) her whole face worked convulsively.
Wouldn't you, Gania, you blackguard? You'd take three thousand, wouldn't you?
It is really pitiable, particularly when one gets into the hands of a little blackguard, perfect in all sorts of cruelty to animals: all I should like to know is, how the story will end."
But that blackguard Flashman, who never speaks to one without a kick or an oath--"
"I suppose you've heard that blackguard has deserted her," he cried explosively.
I have given them a thrashing they will remember; a set of cowardly, rascally `orange' blackguards."
There are as many `blue' blackguards as there are `orange', and as many white as there are purple, or any other color, and I won't have any of my family mixed up with it.
Blackguards!" shrieked the old man, turning his face away from her.
If I must eat my hard fare here, madam," cries she to the landlady, "I beg the kitchen may be kept clear, that I may not be surrounded with all the blackguards in town: as for you, sir," says she to Partridge, "you look somewhat like a gentleman, and may sit still if you please; I don't desire to disturb anybody but mob."
However, the killers, led by a notorious blackguard Azhar alias Azizer, were not ready to give any concession to anyone else.
He told his mother Jennie: "I will try & be a good boy if you will consent to rid me of the tyranny of this stealing, lying, catchpenny German blackguard."
He explained further that there will always be extremist bodies that will become the blackguard of race and religious issues, but in light of Malaysia's rejection of such narratives during the May 9 election, Faisal believes their impact on mainstream politics will be reduced.