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There are as many `blue' blackguards as there are `orange', and as many white as there are purple, or any other color, and I won't have any of my family mixed up with it.
When I began calling myself a scoundrel and a blackguard and my tears flowed (the tirade was accompanied throughout by tears) her whole face worked convulsively.
He resembles the whole family of them, however, in being a blackguard, and perhaps this is what is meant.
Of course the dilemma was purely hypothetical; since he wasn't a blackguard Polish nobleman, it was absurd to speculate what his wife's rights would be if he WERE.
I suppose you've heard that blackguard has deserted her," he cried explosively.
Mary," he began, "I am a good-for-nothing blackguard.
I could not read of his death without emotion, and it was a personal pang to me when the prince, crowned king, denied him: blackguard for blackguard, I still think the prince the worse blackguard.
There, you low blackguard, that will teach you to be impertinent to a lady.
Even the London blackguard stood awed and quiet in the presence of the national calamity.
It is really pitiable, particularly when one gets into the hands of a little blackguard, perfect in all sorts of cruelty to animals: all I should like to know is, how the story will end.
Every school, indeed, has its own traditionary standard of right and wrong, which cannot be transgressed with impunity, marking certain things as low and blackguard, and certain others as lawful and right.
But that blackguard Flashman, who never speaks to one without a kick or an oath--"