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She was hanging about me all day, and night too, when I was stretched on my back; and you, like a blackhearted wolf as you are, kept yourself aloof,' said Sikes.
De Beer's work acknowledges a debt to Hollywood's blackhearted subgenre, but its darkness is more gradated than its model's, and is driven by more oblique motivations.
The Punisher C5 10PM Thomas Jane as Marvel's blackhearted comic book hero Frank Castle - judge, jury and executioner after his family's wiped out by Florida Mob boss John Travolta.
The recent snow and frost merely added to the story's theme about a young, innocent girl who tries to save her brother from a blackhearted ice-villain - who aims to turn the earth into an endlessly snowy tundra.
Making his MO debut, American baritone Todd Thomas delivered a remarkably nuanced performance as the blackhearted Count, walking a razor's edge between villainy and pathos.
Providing the darkest of humor, more guns than a Peckinpah movie and a full-frontal assault on Teutonic machismo, Dominique Deruddere's blackhearted comedy "The Wedding Party" ends up a bit broad for the arthouse and a bit arty for the mainstream.
When a utility or an oil company attempts to buy votes, and when politicians accede to their intentions, the message isn't just that the corporations are blackhearted vote buyers it's that the system encourages them to do it.
20am; Not NI) Medieval monk Sean Connery investigates murder in a blackhearted mystery.
The performance features a young Peter Glossop as the guileless, innocent Billy Budd, Michael Langdon as the blackhearted master-at-arms, John Claggart, and Peter Pears as the damned-if-you-do-dainned-if-you-don't Captain Vere.
It is a memorable epic finale - and the moment millions of Star Wars fans learn why heroic Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker goes to the Dark Side and is transformed into the blackhearted Darth Vader.