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beckeri Kramer, but can be separated easily from the latter by the gena approximately one-eleventh of eye height and thorax blackish brown with 2 dc.
The two prominent blackish zones on the body of M ericrobertsi and lack of this feature in M fasinensis is particularly useful for separating them, at least in adult fish.
Key to Hermannomyia species 1 Extensively blackish including postpronotal lobes and all abdominal segments; wing membrane transparent except for gray tinge caused by black microtrichia.
Head: Black, with large, yellowish patch on gula and on lateral portions of vertex and frons, each contiguous with inner margin of eye; antenna mostly brownish dark brown; segment I dull yellowish; segment II dark brown, blackish at apical two thirds; segments III and IV brownish; labium blackish.
Skin of the axillae, groin and neck may be remarkably blackish in colour, thick, velvety and sometimes thrown into folds, in cancer of the abdomen.
Arabs attributed the blade to India, while Westerners attributed it to Damascus, since Damascus was renowned for its blackish steel alloy made from hard and soft steel.
The illness causes severe vomiting and fever as well as hemorrhaging under the skin, causing blackish discoloration and still kills around 100 to 200 people annually worldwide.
G 'Mystic Desire' dahlia Bright scarlet flowers with chocolate brown centers rise above blackish brown foliage; to 2 feet tall.
12 in number, suberect, coriaceous, forming a broadly crateriform rosette; sheaths oblong-elliptic, scarcely wider than blade, 30-35 x 17-18 cm, castaneous mainly abaxially, densely pale brown to whitish lepidote on both sides; blades sublinear, not narrowed at base, channeled at base, 120-160 x 11-13 cm wide, apex acuminate, ending in a stout blackish pungent spine ca.
Aa The burns, blackish in color, reached deep into the muscles and bones.
Opisthosoma dark brown, dorsally and distally marked with blackish chevron-like stripes.
The complication of bleeding and risk of perforation occur when mucosal erosion extends to blood vessels serving the tissue area, which causes the person to vomit some blood or to pass dark or blackish blood with the stool.