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This species can be recognized by the following combination of characters of adults: shape of the male genitalia, tibiae and tarsi with blackish bands, abdominal color pattern and small size (approximately 3mm); larvae: maxillary palp absent, tibiae and tarsi with same coloration as adults, tarsal claws with 7-8 marginal and double row of 1-2 + 2-3 submarginal denticles, abdominal color pattern, and triangular operculate gills.
Pronotum yellowish-brown, with submedial marks and lateral margins blackish.
1 wide) blackish brown enclosing yellowish brown tergite (Fig.
6 cm wide, fasciculate; stipes 1/3-2/5 the frond length, with scales 3-5 mm long, dark brown to blackish, subulate, widely spreading; blade (20-) 30-45 x 2.
Retaining their sinewy, fiberglass feel, the threads took on a silvery, blackish, or greenish hue.
A statement from Channel 4 read: "The clip was taken from the longrunning American sitcom Blackish and was posted on social media, out of the context of the episode, in error and has since been removed.
Tenders are invited for Sulphonated ashphalt blackish brown grey powder shale stabilizer packed in 25 kgs moisture proof airtight bags other technical details given in annexure g
Antenna blackish brown with microtomentum; pedicel with short black setulae at middle and margin, setulae at margin longer than others, longest one about 3 times longer than others; first flagellomere with pubescence, nearly circular; arista 3.
Palpi: Single-segmented, blackish, elongate spindle-shaped, setae black (distally) and white (proximally).
These eye-catching art pieces comprise the architectural imagery in blues amalgamated blackish tones and others that combine yellow and reddish shades with black.
In addition, Gimeno said that the archaeological resin of the amphora found was hard and blackish with yellow spots, unlike present-day resin, which is more malleable and orangey in colour, similar to the fresh sap of the tree.
The specimen studied, presented some variation in coloration: the hind tibia is more extensive blackish, as well the last two tergites of metasoma.