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Within the Black Belt, we have few historical details of patterns in the degree of openness, but blackjack oak appears to have been locally abundant, at least in Mississippi.
In the four cases where more than one species occurred at a point, Plateau oak was associated with Ashe juniper once, with blackjack oak once, and with Texas oak once, and post oak was associated with Texas oak once.
Post oak dominates this woodland, with juniper (Juniperus virginiana), winged elm (Ulmus alata), black hickory (Carya texana), white ash (Fraxinus americana), blackjack oak and water oak present to lesser degrees.
Green ash, sycamore and black willow were used significantly more than expected based on their availability on the landscape; post oak and blackjack oak were used significantly less than expected (Table 2).
as a tattoo above the blackjack oaks, and more rain falling,
The Cross Timbers, a thickly timbered forest belt pushing north from Texas across Oklahoma and into Kansas, contains gnarled post oaks, blackjack oaks, and eastern redcedars more than 400 years old.
texana) and blackjack oaks (Q marilandica), are quite susceptible.