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This blackly comic tale of a man on the verge of collapse, is about as dark and Gothic as you are ever likely to read.
A blackly brooding duo, Matisse's Goldfish and Palette, 1914, and Picasso's Harlequin, 1915 (which Matisse rightly believed his painting had inspired), share a wall, but three examples of Picasso's synthetic Cubism of 1913-14, a papier colle, painting, and assemblage, hang among them.
In the hands of excellent performers the play might conceivably be a blackly humorous, over-the-top actor's exercise.
The film has at least one set piece that transcends the rest of the movie and is arguably the most poignant and blackly amusing riff ever committed to celluloid on the theme of early-20s inaction.
November blackness against bright tints effete: as models the last sunflowers blackly sit.
Some fairly relentless behavior ensues, and there is a blackly comic edge to the eventual survival of this antihero, danced by Taiaroa Royal (the most powerful and enduring Maori contemporary dancer in the country).
Contractor address : UNIT 1 / 13 BLACKLY ROW COCKBURN CENTRAL WA
This novel also depicts the steady decline of Maud in a blackly comic way.
IT was sadly and blackly humorous to watch MPs wringing their hands and shedding tears for so-called moral and religious reasons in the debate on reducing the time limit for abortion, prior to trooping into the lobbies to vote for the reduction proposed.
The majestic belfry towers and rosary stalls of Bruges provide the unlikely backdrop for a blackly humorous tale of betrayal and redemption.
The majesty of Bruges provides an unlikely backdrop for a blackly humorous tale of betrayal and redemption.
Severance is a blackly humorous romp which doesn't quite live up to its billing as 'The Office meets Deliverance'.