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Tale of Tales Cert 15 FULL of dark deeds and blackly comic moments, this grotesque fairy tale is definitely not one for the kids.
One of the most buzzed about films at the 201A Cannes Film Festival, Argentinean director Damian Szifron's third feature WILD TALES is a blackly comic anthology film, with six short films looped together under an arcing themed banner of vengeance.
The result is blackly amusing and just a little horrifying.
Barney Thomson, played by Carlyle, is a mild-mannered Glasgow hairdresser, a quiet man who leads a quiet life, who unwittingly finds himself at the heart of a blackly comic serial killer investigation.
Tightly scripted by helmer Magnus Martens, this blackly comic, pulpy caper unspools at a rollicking pace, with multiple homages revealing his keen knowledge of genre.
The Kitchen" puts the workplace center stage in a blackly funny and furious examination of life lived at breakneck speed, when work threatens to define who we are.
The Beaver is a blackly humorous tale of a middle-aged man's emotional breakdown, which deals with mental illness, suicide and self-belief.
But even in what may be called the commonplace, the author collides with circumstances by turns blackly comic, sinister, hilarious, and bleak: a hopeless widow who cannot hang on even to the living that Esti provides her; a shiftless hero who saved Esti's life but refuses to vacate his apartment; a young man suffering through a sinister first kiss from an insane young girl.
Rating: 7/10 Thoughtful THE trials of Mel Gibson, whose rants to an ex-girlfriend were caught on tape last year, seem like a curious case of life imitating art, in this blackly humorous tale of a middle-aged man''s emotional breakdown.
The author's blackly humorous and self deprecating voice is prevalent throughout as he pokes fun at other writers, including Darren Shan and J.
Scenes flowed from the blackly comic to the disturbing.