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Station facilities were not affected by the blackouts, the bureau said.
Former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore will launch a blackouts checklist as part of an awareness campaign this week.
Blackouts and line sags make it essential to protect servers, workstations and networking gear from electrical harm.
New York City officials 'logged 800 elevator rescues, 80,000 emergency calls, and made 305 arrests during the blackout of 2003.
But for the most part the blackout was remarkable for what it did not trigger: widespread panic.
In New York, the blackout affected subways, lifts and airports, including John F Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.
A blackout period does not include a suspension, limit or restriction (1) due to the application of the securities laws, (2) regularly scheduled to occur and already disclosed to participants or (3) pursuant to a qualified domestic relations order.
Although now based in Bristol, Blackout clings firmly to his Jamaican roots and embodies the Caribbean philosophy of keeping things ``bright and right.
The ministry said in a statement that the blackout imposed Tuesday was restricted to one hour between 6:30 p.
Gray Davis has announced a three-tiered warning system in which the first warning will come two days prior to an outage; the second warning, one day before; the third, one hour before the blackout.
On March 13, 1989, Hydro Quebec, which supplies most of Quebec's electricity, could not stabilize the power surges its distribution grid was receiving, resulting in a nine-hour blackout for 6 million residents throughout the province.
In either case, the fiduciaries could be liable for losses participants suffer during the blackout period.