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IRRIGATION. The act of wetting or moistening the ground by artificial means.
     2. The owner of land over which there is a current stream, is, as such, the proprietor of the current. 4 Mason's R. 400. It seems the riparian proprietor may avail himself of the river for irrigation, provided the river be not thereby materially lessened, and the water absorbed be imperceptible or trifling. Ang. W. C. 34; and vide 1 Root's R. 535; 8 Greenl. R. 266; 2 Conn. R. 584; 2 Swift's Syst. 87; 7 Mass. R. 136; 13 Mass. R. 420; 1 Swift's Dig. 111; 5 Pick. R. 175; 9 Pick. 59; 6 Bing. R. 379; 5 Esp. R. 56; 2 Conn. R. 584; Ham. N. P. 199; 2 Chit. Bl. Com. 403, n. 7; 22 Vin. Ab. 525; 1 Vin. Ab. 657; Bac. Ab. Action on the case, F. The French law coincides with our own. 1 Lois des Batimens, sect. 1, art. 3, page 21.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When possible, with the larger diameter of the cystoscope relative to a Foley catheter, effective clot evacuation can proceed, possibly concomitant with the placement of a suprapubic catheter for more facile post-operative bladder irrigation. (6) Focal bleeding vessels can be cauterized either with a Bugbee electrode or laser fiber, though aggressive, diffuse fulguration risks potential late scar formation and bladder capacity compromise.
Vigil et al., "Continuous versus intermittent bladder irrigation of amphotericin B for the treatment of candiduria," Journal of Urology, vol.
Abbreviations IMT: Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor CBI: Continuous bladder irrigation ALK: Anaplastic lymphoma kinase.
The specimens were submitted as voided urine (n = 12; 67%), bladder irrigation (n = 4; 22%), ureteral brush (n = 1; 6%), and nephrostomy tube (n = 1; 6%) samples.
To facilitate the urinary flow, placement of urinary catheter is sometimes needed for intermittent or continuous bladder irrigation. Instillation of agents such as alum, silver nitrate, prostaglandin (PG) or formalin is the therapeutic intervention used to halt hemorrhage in severe HC [4-7].
Another study showed a decrease in body temperature with the onset of epidural anaesthesia, before bladder irrigation was commenced (Hahn 1993), indicating that this may partly contribute to heat loss.
By contrast, attending to bladder irrigation was much less frequent (n=8).
Lemons recently received the 2003 Outstanding Young Investigator Award from the International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis [ICCP].) The other continuation grant went to Ken Waites, M.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham, for "Evaluation of Three Bladder Irrigation Methods for Treatment of UTI in Persons With SCI."
Immediate post-operative period bladder irrigation was maintained with three way catheter.
Urinary tract infections with Burkholderia cepacia have been associated after bladder irrigation or use of contaminated hospital objects.
* Provide bladder irrigation and/or instillation of medication.