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Only in three of the reported cases, the explosion was not accompanied by a bladder perforation 14,27.
During the procedure, systematic examination did not reveal any posterior urethral valves, anterior bladder perforations, or obstructive lesions.
In our study, 2 cases with posterior bladder perforations were immediately sutured by laparoscopy and no rectal injury was encountered.
The cystography revealed the presence of a foreign body in the bladder, but there was no extravasation or suspicion of bladder perforation.
Acute abdomen secondary to bladder perforation was diagnosed six months later.
Safety of ultrasonic dissection versus conventional electrocautery dissection during laproscopic cholecystectomy in terms of gall bladder perforation.
However, there are additional complications specific to a TURP procedure, such as TURP syndrome, urinary incontinence, infertility, bladder perforation, and erection disorder (Chen et al.
Since the scope tip cannot advance beyond the lower bladder segment, bladder perforation and trauma risk are negligible.
Objective: To compare the safety of ultrasonic and electrocautery method of dissection in terms of gall bladder perforation.
Bladder perforation should be included in the differential diagnosis, especially if patients are known to have an indwelling catheter.
The retropubic sling group also exhibited a higher incidence of mesh exposure and bladder perforation.
3 (450; 250-1000) Transperitoneal 9 Extraperitoneal 11 Lymphadenectomy (+) 7 Lymphadenectomy (-) 13 No nerve sparing 11 Nerve sparing (UL) 4 Nerve sparing (BL) 5 Simultaneous surgery Bilateral JJ catheter 1 Herniorrhaphy 2 Intraoperative complications Rectal perforation 1 Bladder perforation 1 Group 2 (n = 20) Operation time * (min) 210.