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Bladder training educational techniques are standard of care and delivered by nurses post-surgery.
Bonder notes that it can take up to 12 weeks to see significant changes with a bladder training program, so it is important to persevere.
It can start with simple actions, including lifestyle changes (drinking less frequently and decreasing your caffeine intake) and bladder training (from keeping a diary to track your symptoms, to exercising your pelvic muscles).
These are used along with behavioral treatments such as pelvic muscle rehabilitation and bladder training (Nabili, 2013).
Bladder training is used to treat urge incontinence, but may also be used for other types of incontinence.
Physiotherapy treatment programmes can include a combination of the assessment of muscle power, pelvic floor exercises, electrotherapy, bladder training and dietary advice.
Changing voiding habits, with delayed voiding and with bladder training, may modify bladder function.
First-line treatment is behavioral therapy, which includes fluid management, bladder training, delayed voiding, prompted voiding, and pelvic floor muscle exercises to control symptoms of urge incontinence.
Bladder training is usually recommended for those suffering with urge incontinence; similarly to stress incontinence your GP may refer the patient onto a specialist physiotherapist or consultant.
SUI is treatable and in many cases losing weight, reducing caffeine intake, pelvic floor exercises, and bladder training can have very beneficial effects.
So, in order to assist them, we first place them on behavioural modification steps such as diet control, weight loss and bladder training," she explained.
You'll learn bladder training, in which you urinate only at set times and gradually increase the interval between those times until you urinate every three or four hours.