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When it comes time to put the knife away you must push, or slide, the latch catch to the release position in order to fold the blade back inside the blade channel.
Paul, who competed at the Badminton and Burghley Three-Day Events with Bronze Blade back in the mid-1990s, now goes on to the final at Gatcombe Park in the Cotswolds.
The solution places a small connection box at the desk, which can be mounted behind or under a desk to connect keyboard, mouse and monitor(s), connected via CAT 5 copper wire or fiber to a desktop blade back in the environmentally conditioned and secure data center.
That line has not been down since we put the treated blade back into operation, because the buildup problem was virtually eliminated.
X-radiography and subsequent conservation disclosed the presence of two tiny inlaid copper-alloy rings (diameter 3 mm) adjacent to the blade back at its distal and proximal angles.