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As Fernando Acosta argues, crime cannot be analyzed unless three dimensions--factual, axiological, and normative--are considered: "Crime is not exclusively an action, nor even a blameable action, but it is also the relationship between a way of behaving and a way to defining-performing-resolving a problematic situation.
He will there often find one layer of consciousness roundly upbraiding another, sometimes in the most violent language of abuse, for a foozled stroke; And so earnest sometimes is the vituperation poured by the unmerciful abuser upon the unfortunate foozler, that truly one is apt sometimes sincerely to commiserate the former, and to regard him as a victim of a multiple personality, and not at all blameable for his own poor play.
Neilson Hancock praised the English poor law for granting relief to young girls and widows with children, u nlike the more rigid Irish system which put them on the streets: "Men naturally support women and children, and never before in this world were women held equally responsible with men for providing support for their families, however large, and equally blameable and punishable for being unable to bear the burden.
What is true about moral judgments of blameable acts is also true about judgments of praiseworthy acts, or acts that contribute to worthy achievements, or result in exceptional accomplishments.
In their reluctance to pass judgement on the merits of management decisions, the Courts held that directors did not breach their duty by the "omission to take all possible care"; rather, their conduct "must be much more blameable than that: it must be in a business sense culpable or gross", (Lagunas Nitrate Co.
Only if we also adopt one of these positions can we quarrel with Catherine's assertion 'that I am no way blameable in this matter' (p.
But I hope to show that the kind which the Bishop demands is subject to much deduction, and that those whom he blames are not really blameable.
Moreover, "poetic influence" is "the passing of Individuals through States" (Bloom 1997: 30) (in a Blakean sense: Individuals are eternal, States are always transitory, permanently engulfed in processes of change, through which Individuals must pass; for Blake only States were blameable, while Individuals were without error), but this passage is a wrong step when it is not, or does not contain, a clinamen, a deviation, whereby the addictive effect is attenuated.
I have in the past argued for a paradigm shift from 'exploitation' to blameable 'negligence' in relation to contracts achieved by unfair advantage.
A twofold advantage was thus secured: religion was castigated not only as an ideologically blameable inner experience, but also a criminal political venture.
Instead of blameable, they would appear only mysterious.