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Chapman accordingly praises those moments when Homer's characters temporarily soften or abandon scoffing or blameful speech.
brands making their way south into our neighboring sphere of the world, it can be noted that the financial and economic structural inadequacies and unstable political environments in a good number of the countries of Central and South America have been unavoidably blameful culprits.
In cases of homonymy as of hope (n) and hope (v) the derivatives that are in our corpus are verified deverbal coinages: blame 1200, blaming 1382 (1), blamer 1387 (3), blameful 1386 (5), blameable 1387 (7), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10).
If a blameful attitude threatens to undermine the caregiver's ability to be compassionate and understanding, then it should be abandoned for the sake of these far greater goods.
However, campers on the losing team often feel sad and blameful as "May the best man win