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In cases of homonymy as of hope (n) and hope (v) the derivatives that are in our corpus are verified deverbal coinages: blame 1200, blaming 1382 (1), blamer 1387 (3), blameful 1386 (5), blameable 1387 (7), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10).
ne may nat speke but blameful thynges, and with his viciouse wordes he stireth oother folk to angre and to ire," Prudence observes (VII.
If a blameful attitude threatens to undermine the caregiver's ability to be compassionate and understanding, then it should be abandoned for the sake of these far greater goods.
By doing so, he has failed in his duty as one devoted to the practice of political activity, and has completed a blameful political action.
However, campers on the losing team often feel sad and blameful as "May the best man win
And then he rounds off this particular section with a stentorian display of alliteration as the `bloody blameful blade' `bravely broached his boiling bloody breast'.
flat part of an oar or calamity, sudden vio-dashing young fellow, lent gust of wind; forcible stream of leaf, air, blare of a trumpet or horn, blamable deserving of Explosion as of gunpowder, blame, find fault with Blight; censure, imputation of a blatant Brawling noisy, Speakill, blaze, Burn with a blameful meriting flame, send forth a flaming light, less, without blame innocent, torch, firebrand, stream of blamelessly blameless flame of light, bursting out, actness .
149) Since an innocent owner's forfeiture seemed automatically excessive but was not prevented by the Eighth Amendment, a blameful owner could not be so protected.