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1) 2 Whoever walks blamelessly, does righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart.
Just as the baker's daughter's choices result in her transformation into an owl, Ophelia has, however blamelessly or however much a result of impossible circumstances, taken a course that ends in madness and the "maimed rites" due to a suicide (5.
On a happier note, the blamelessly prepared and wholly delightful Ouija Board continues her progress to her finale in the Hong Kong Vase she won last year.
46) Unlike the couple that died blamelessly in their cabins, traveling in winter without proper skills drew scorn.
Elizabeth Ministry founder Jeannie Hannemann points out that Luke 1:6 says both Elizabeth and Zechariah "were righteous before God, living blamelessly according to all the commandments and regulations of the Lord.
We may not tell the truth perfectly, acceptably, blamelessly, but we're more likely to succeed if we support each other in getting it out there.
Grant to her, O God, to persevere blamelessly in your holy temples, to cultivate appropriate conduct, and especially moderation, and make your servant perfect, that standing at the judgment-seat of your Christ she may receive the worthy reward of her good conduct.
168) If liberty or privacy appears unjustifiably compromised by the admission of evidence in these circumstances, courts should be faulted for crafting indeterminate substantive rules and not for excusing police for blamelessly failing to follow them.
The Boxster, however prosaic a choice by comparison, is blamelessly dependable, holds its value like plutonium and is a bloody good drive to boot.
At most, the right to life recognized by the ICCPR is a right to life for those who are blamelessly going about their business in accordance with other rights that are supposed to be extended to members of civil society.
It is difficult to disagree with Lamar Cecil's conclusion: "Wilhelm Hohenzollern, on whom the trials at birth of bodily affliction and in youth of familial alienation were blamelessly laid and for which understanding and allowance should be granted, failed as a son, as a husband, as a father, as a friend, as a commander, as a statesman, and as an emperor because in all of his roles, he was falsely confident that he possessed truly uncommon talent and perception.