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It would seem, then, that David's blamelessness would not have had a rational explanation at all.
In situations involving general blamelessness or purity--that is, in situations involving an innocent--there is something at work analogous to the vulnerable person's need imposing on others a special responsibility to be caring: the innocent's trust puts others under a special responsibility to be trustworthy.
It also subtly conveys the idea that Jim's racial superiority is self-evident to the Bugis community at large (as the blamelessness of the white crew was to the Malay helmsmen), even if Jim's enemies would like to see him lose the trust of his subjects for their own reasons.
To understand why it is crucial for Leocadia and her family not to draw public attention to her disgrace, even if she is an innocent victim, we may consider the widespread early modern view, outlined by the character Julian in Castiglione's El cortesano, that the dividing line between blamelessness and blameworthiness could be easily blurred by gossip: ".
In the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, ignorance of HIV and its ordinary modes of transmission could thus supply a norm of blamelessness that defined gay life across the sexual and social board, accounting for why gay men did not tap into the legal system to name what was done to them as an injury inflicted on them by other gay men.
See Bungard, supra note 63, at 50-52 (arguing that "the English Rule encourages good behavior" and "greater compliance" with the law by increasing the penalties for bad conduct); Gryphon, supra note 63, at 592 (arguing that the English Rule produces a "compliance effect" by "mak[ing] legal compliance cheaper and legal culpability more expensive, [and by] motivating businesses and individuals to spend more money to ensure the blamelessness of their behavior").
8220;Perfect Love,” the album's first single which hits national Christian radio stations on April 27th, focuses on the reality of Christ in us: how we possess the peace, self-control, and blamelessness of Christ because Christ lives inside us.
280) He went on to say that the "indefinable and potentially far-reaching nature of the concept of moral blamelessness prevents us from recognizing its relevance beyond an initial finding of guilt in the context of Section 7 of the Charter.
Virtuous implies moral excellence in character and conduct; righteous stresses guiltlessness or blamelessness and often suggests sanctimonious; and noble implies moral eminence and freedom from anything petty, mean, or dubious in conduct and character (moral, 2011).
One commentator noted that in the years leading up to DeBurgh, "American legislatures have made statutory changes in the law of divorce that materially weaken the basic doctrine that divorce will be granted only upon proof of marital fault of defendant, and blamelessness of plaintiff.
At the same time, the ideas related to amatory naturalista allow the "I" a total moral blamelessness.
The BSCB would be better issuing a stark message condemning Logina and Chana rather than encouraging Britain's PC culture of blamelessness.