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If Benedict had maintained a close friendship with a holy but unrelated woman, Gregory may have chosen to describe her as his sister in order to emphasize the closeness, and yet the blamelessness, of their bond.
It is not enough to try and impute total blamelessness onto Dunbar and total culpability onto Ellis.
2) For example, contemporary pro-compassion advocates suggest that compassion is connected to sorrow (Tudor); that it requires the blamelessness of the sufferer for her/his suffering (Nussbaum); and that compassion is simply a complex emotional attitude toward another (Blum).
In that light, most commentators who argue for Job's blamelessness and against the theory of destructive retribution believe that suffering is essentially a mystery and not a punitive gesture.
The Court asserted that it had "never taken the concept of blamelessness any further than [the] initial finding of guilt" and that "[t]he undefinable and potentially far-reaching nature of the concept of moral blamelessness" (12) precludes it from being extended as the animating principle behind the affirmative defences.
Admittedly, its blamelessness possesses such a poor signal-to-noise ratio that Zaiser's exhibition could go missing on the landscape of contemporary art.
Each exists in a fantasy world of blamelessness, shifting guilt to a distant enemy and away from the consequences of the divisions within its own society, the pain Palestinians inflict on Palestinians and Israelis on Israelis.
Annan's complete blamelessness can only be proven when the second report involving his son, Kojo, comes out in March.
Previously in our house there have been just two figures, Juninho and Ravanelli from 1997, staged in such a way to act out a macabre tongue-in-cheek morality play: the Little Fella elevated on a tiny pedestal of blamelessness and the Aunt Sally Italian Whine dangling from a noose (although some coins have been carefully blue-tacked to the base to make him swing properly).
Everything else that Paul had put his faith and trust in, namely his blamelessness under the law, is now regarded as garbage.
With remarkable inventiveness, the Nazis corrupted innocence by supplanting victims' blamelessness with complicity and collaboration.
She closes her tale, nonetheless, with the same assertion of blamelessness with which she opened it: "I am about to die an innocent death" (207).