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Spector is right that we are sometimes blameworthy for omissions.
When ideas are institutionalised, actions that are morally blameworthy can also become punishable by law.
Because the blameworthiness of an action turns on an agent's evidence, an agent can be blameworthy for performing a subjectively risky action, even if the action is not objectively risky.
117) Mens rea also serves to achieve proportionality of punishment for blameworthy acts--to make sure the law imposes a punishment that "fits" the defendant's crime.
Sv I 69; Ps I 198; As 97) In the case of living beings without (moral) virtues, such as animals, that (5) (act of killing) is less blameworthy when the being is small, and more blameworthy when (it) has a large body.
It is a plea for absolution where the accused's actions are considered blameworthy but forgivable as the accused's only reasonable avenue of escape was to commit the crime.
Especially blameworthy for these developments were theology professors, whose use of historical criticism for interpreting the Bible resulted in revisionist teachings that undermined traditional authority.
Describe four types of blameworthy behaviors identified in a traditional work culture.
People who fail to participate in health-related research fail to prevent these harms, and if they have no legitimate excuse for not participating, then they are blameworthy.
In the terms of the ruling, the arbitrator rescinded the grievant's 90-day suspension, awarding full back pay plus interest; $50,000 in compensatory damages due to SSA's unlawful discrimination; $50,000 in punitive damages due to the agency's "gross and repugnant rendition of the matter at hand, and in an effort to deter such reckless, blameworthy misbehavior in the future"; and expunged the employee's record of any and all information and records pertaining to these events.