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The simple answer would be to quit playing the blame game all together, but this is easier said than done, and some recent research has figured out the reason why: Blaming is contagious.
Are you tired of listening to the Democratic candidate blaming the Republican candidate, the Republican candidate blaming the Democratic candidate and the Independent candidate blaming everybody?
Ed Miliband is blaming the coalition, the Government is blaming G4S and Nick Buckles is blaming the unemployed for not turning out for that once in a lifetime opportunity of work experience in the security jobsworth sector.
The percentage blaming Bush dropped to about 70% in August 2010, and has stayed roughly in that range since.
12), he is a typical Tory, blaming everyone about the country's situation but themselves.
And I remember, each time that blaming others is one of the most spiritually harmful things I can do, because it corners me and whomever I'm blaming into rigid adversarial roles.
I have been in the Middle East for 15 years, but I haven't seen any Indian cribbing, blaming or demonstrating against the leadership or authorities.
WHEN will Coun Faulkener and his masters stop blaming Labour for the deficit?
I HAD to laugh when I watched George Osborne blaming the poor economic results on the bad weather.
Blaming all climatic disasters on global warming has one consolation.
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study has shown that the habit of blaming someone in an organisation, even if he or she is innocent, greatly increases the odds that the practice of blaming others will spread with the tenacity of the H1N1 flu.
Another type of blame that is rampant is blaming others.