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Blaming declares to the world that you're limited by someone else.
After all, were Todd correct, whatever is odd about God's blaming Ernie would apply to everyone.
The simple answer would be to quit playing the blame game all together, but this is easier said than done, and some recent research has figured out the reason why: Blaming is contagious.
Here's why I do my best to leave blame alone: because blaming can be the best brain filler ever.
Why don't the ConDems just come clean and admit that they have messed everything up, rather than blaming everything else?
Blaming all climatic disasters on global warming has one consolation.
AS WE LEARN MORE ABOUT accidents, the role of the system in which the accident takes place and the imperfect beings that humans are, we are realizing that blaming the person who made the mistake is the biggest mistake.
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study has shown that the habit of blaming someone in an organisation, even if he or she is innocent, greatly increases the odds that the practice of blaming others will spread with the tenacity of the H1N1 flu.
Another type of blame that is rampant is blaming others.
Paradigms of blaming on this account will be in cases where the blamer has a close personal relationship with the person she blames, and Scanlon focuses on blame in friendships and families.
Blaming creates a definitive "us-them" barrier between the blamer and the blamed (pp.
According to Tilly, there is no reason for blaming blame itself; if it is sometimes purely destructive, it would also be important, in some other cases, to "salute just blame's creative destruction" (p.