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But in an exclusive interview with the Birmingham Mail, Marco said: "I have read Jamie is blaming his business failure on Brexit but I really don't understand that at all.
'In our research, victim blaming wasn't high overall - but consistent with past research it was higher in men than in women on average.
Lamu principal magistrate Allan Temba said many criminals especially child defilers who come before him have the tendency of blaming the devil when given the chance to defend themselves.
'Buhari as a retired General is blaming the police and community leaders for widespread banditry, kidnappings and general insecurity in the country.'
Unsurprisingly, there is a sharp partisan divide in the research with 85 percent of Democrats blaming the president and 68 percent of Republicans pointing the finger at the Democrats in Congress.
Alternatively, as a migrant himself, Boris may have been so browbeaten by such "jokes" in the past that it is no longer worth it to him to continue blaming, perhaps because blame is too emotionally fatiguing.
When we play the blame game however, we get caught up in blaming ourselves or other people for perceived failures or wrongdoing, at the expense of making changes to improve the situation.
Najib said Dr Mahathir's assertion blaming the the government for The Loaf's closure typified the opposition he led as he sought to dissuade voters from supporting Pakatan Harapan on May 9.
I CAN'T believe the claims of Mr Connelly from Transport Scotland, who was on TV blaming the public for the chaos on the M80 due to snow.
MANILA, Philippines Stop the bad habit of blaming other people for one's misery.
The overall percentage of Americans blaming Bush a great deal or moderate amount has consistently exceeded the percentage blaming Obama throughout Obama's presidency.
You may be tempted like the guy in the lift to blame, but blaming only reveals your weakness as a leader.