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Notable translations such as James Hadley's No Orchids for Miss Blandish (published in France in 1946), a work that draws on Faulkner's Sanctuary, had an enormous impact in the development of roman noir.
When the main character, Max Disher, converts himself into a blond and blue-eyed white person, Blandish faces the loss of her lucrative bleaching and straightening business.
THE 1948 British-made yarn starred Linden Travers as the eponymous Miss Blandish with Jack La Rue as Slim Grisson, Walter Crisham and Eddie Schulz and MacDonald Parke as Doc.
Blandish, with its torture, rape and suicide, manifested the rise in sadism, power-worship and totalitarianism that brought on the war.
22) Les Temps modernes, 595 (August-October 1997), subtitled 'Pas d'orchidees pour les Temps modernes' in homage to James Hadley Chase's influential early Serie noire novel Pas d'orchidees pour Miss Blandish (1946).