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I am one of the sensible ones, I suppose," I replied, "for nobody ever wanted me to listen to blandishments.
Only be careful," he went on, "in studying both arts, never to forget the great truth that dinner precedes blandishments and not blandishments dinner.
See, brother Conrade, the peril of yielding to the first devices and blandishments of Satan
They trusted to the sign to inveigle foreigners into their lairs, and trusted to their own blandishments to keep them there till they bought something.
But in spite of all their blandishments, my feelings of propriety were exceedingly shocked, for I could but consider them as having overstepped the due limits of female decorum.
No other,' said Mrs Lammle, laughing airily, and, full of affectionate blandishments, opening and closing Georgiana's arms like a pair of compasses, than my little Georgiana Podsnap.
A man who will never more be trapped--whom no blandishments will cajole, whom no threats will frighten; who from tonight on will move forward, and not backward, who will study and understand, who will gird on his sword and take his place in the army of his comrades and brothers.
I endorse threefold every eulogy, blandishment and panegyric word that has been written or spoken in celebration of his birthday in the hope he has plenty more anniversaries to come.
But he told her: "Had your blandishment succeeded then a rapist may well have gone free.
The prescription, in effect, reminds voters that their votes have consequence and urges them to think twice about the choices they make, and not be easily swayed by the pre-election blandishments of the candidates.
Not for a CR-V owner the blandishments of catwalk style and fancy features.
Of course, there is no ignoring the most essential solution: for the government to fulfill its mandate to deliver basic services to all Filipinos, young and old, to show that it can offer something more than the blandishments of terror groups.