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Was John Locke right to consider newborn infants blank slates on which experience inscribes its all-powerful markers?
The truth of this statement is not in doubt, but the trend is not necessarily a healthy one for it leaves a blank slate where a memory should have been.
They are starting not from an entirely blank slate.
The DOE's FreedomCAR program with the Big Three automakers is still a blank slate, so it could go either way.
All children must learn to read, write, and do arithmetic, yet every generation begins as a blank slate.
The first step toward more insightful -- and more accurate -- business forecasts is a frank acknowledgment that the future is neither fully predictable nor an entirely blank slate.
This blank slate is a deliberate distancing device that Arcand uses to explore the fascination some men have with female beauty.
Douglass was not a blank slate when he first heard Garrison speak and read his abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.
was an "opportunity to take a blank slate and design a store that you think, for all that you've been able to acquire and learn about the customer, is a store that serves today's fine quality furniture customer better than perhaps anything else out there.
Clearing German ivy to create a blank slate was the first step.
My opinion provided, in effect, a blank slate upon which McAnally could test his premise.