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The government would do well to start this process by considering what they would do with armed forces if they had a blank slate.
Pinker, she argues--and documents--"seriously misrepresents Locke's notion of the blank slate.
Since Sells/Clark is the city's first agency of record, the agency has a blank slate on which to work.
Myers succeeds in making the reader feel what it's like to be in Iraq, though Robin remains something of a blank slate.
Hayden Christensen's young hero is a blank slate, devoid of charmor personality, and there's no sexual chemistry with Rachel Bilson's childhood sweetheart although Jamie Bell's spunky rival brings some colour to proceedings.
She envisioned a pure approach to teaching the mechanics of movement so the dancer is truly a blank slate for choreographers to work with.
It's almost a blank slate for whatever agenda people want to bring.
What this has done is, it's given us a blank slate to work with the agencies to create programs that will actually work to protect species from pesticides," she said.
We will begin our work with a blank slate and build our cases based on the information we discover over the next weeks and months.
Barnsley also had a blank slate at home to Bournemouth.
We'll be starting under Stan with a blank slate and I'm sure there will be a lot of players with plenty to prove.