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I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness, and tried with all the power of my will to fight above the suffocating blankness and darkness that was rising around me.
A great need of something to lean on, and a great weariness of independence and responsibility took possession of my soul; and looking round for support and comfort in that transitory mood, the emptiness of the present and the blankness of the future sent me back to the past with all its ghosts.
He was not gifted with an imperturbable temper, and on music-nights it was apparent that patience could never be an easy virtue to him; but this evening, as he glances over his spectacles at Bill Downes, the sawyer, who is turning his head on one side with a desperate sense of blankness before the letters d-r-y, his eyes shed their mildest and most encouraging light.
It seemed to him he had waited an age for some stir of the great grim hush; the life of the town was itself under a spell - so unnaturally, up and down the whole prospect of known and rather ugly objects, the blankness and the silence lasted.
And when the mist departed a skeleton world and blankness alone remained--a terrible prospect for the eyes of the living to behold.
A few feet along the platform a closed door broke the blankness of the wall.
During this profound and soothing communion with his innermost beliefs he remained staring at the carpet, with a portentously solemn face and with a dull vacuity of eyes that seemed to gaze into the blankness of an empty hole.
As a deliberate counter-motif to the variegated faces he has inventoried, all his dispossessed are garbed in service white, that generic blankness that does not rile their employers, their rulers, their overlords; the white of maids, au-pairs, janitors, waiters, busboys, caregivers, low-ranked nurses and utility operators.
It demonstrates how the works offer an aesthetics of negation or refusal in which style (through theme, formal strategies, silence, absence, loss, blankness, incompleteness, fragmentation, an anti-literary emphasis on crudeness, stupidity, and the like, deconstruction of conventional genre forms, and highly aware texts that emphasize feminist postmodernism, avant-garde, or outsider views) supports antisocial forms of radical refusal to enact gender, sex, race, class, and nation-based experience through the ounmakingo of dominant structures of rationality.
After two semesters I was looking forward to join a hospital and here I am staring at blankness," said Sidra, the fourth of 12 siblings in a family of 14 originally from Peshawar.
I was actually going, 'I can't do it' and he'd look at me with absolute blankness and I'd be like, 'I can't, I'm not a soldier' and then it was only when I stopped whingeing that I thought, OK maybe I'm starting to think like a soldier.